TYR Special Ops 2.0 Review

The Special Ops goggles are a touch on the bigger side and have no nose-bridge adjustment. If your face is any smaller than “average”, I’d find another goggle.

These goggles have a ton of color/pattern options and TYR claims that they’re the brand’s #1 selling adult goggle. I liked the fact that I could get a crazy design and the lens option of my choice (I’m sporting the USA flag pair with polarized lenses).

They come with pretty much any type of lens. Polarized, color-changing (photochromic), smoke, clear. The strap’s buckle and the strap itself (though ridiculously stretchy) was pretty standardand. The split head strap is great because its less prone to repositioning on its own while I swim.

The best part – the part I want to shout about – is the gaskets. They’re made from the same soft stretchy stuff as the strap. Despite being a suction-style goggle, I didn’t see any goggle marks by the time I got back in my car. Awesome.

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